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Abby Lee Miller: Out of Prison, Bound for "Hell"


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Abby Lee Miller is about to be released from jail.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean the egomaniacal choreographer will be a free woman.

According to Radar Online sources, the ex-Dance Moms host is set to be released from the California federal prison in which she’s served about half of her 366-day sentence.

This celebrity gossip website talked to a fellow inmate who has gotten to know Miller a bit behind bars and who confirmed that Abby will soon be moved to a Bureau of Prisons-run “halfway house” in Van Nuys.

Abby had to follow very strict protocol for her exit from FCI Victorville,” the source explains, even detailing what it’s like for a convict to be shifted from one restrictive home to another:

“As far as what she will be allowed to walk out of the prison in, she had to submit a detailed description of exactly what she will wear 60 days prior to her release.”

This is a mostly inconsequential detail.

But it does drive home the point that Miller is not in control of nearly anything in her life right now.

Miller, of course, pleaded guilty to her role in a bankruptcy fraud scheme in 2015.

She admitted in court that she lied about her income to the federal government in order to avoid paying taxes… yet she’s never really taken responsibility for this illegal action.

“Sometimes in life you make mistakes,” Miller wrote as a caption to a photo snapped from prison itself last month, adding at the time:

“I trusted the wrong people and didn’t pay any attention to things I should of,” said Miller to open her statement, once again blaming those around her for the most part.

“My world flipped upside down when I had to enter prison,” the former Lifetime star added, going on to pat herself on the back as follows:

“I did so with grace, the stories you read about me been a princess are untrue.”

Among these rumors? That Miller has been demanding gourmet food.

She won’t be getting this type of cuisine where she’s headed, either, not according to the aforementioned Radar source:’

“Once she arrives, the fun has just begun. It is hell! While she is there she gets no freedom and is still under the [prison] rules.”

Abby will need to submit to a breathalyzer and a urine test and:

“She will be fed awful food provided by the staff and will have a hard mattress, two sheets and one pillow case.”

You’ll forgive us if we don’t feel too terrible for Miller.

There are plenty of folks out there who have done far less and who have faced far worse punishments.

Miller was sentenced in May 2015 on fraud charges.

In addition to the clink time she is serving, the famous bully was ordered to pay $40,000 fine and spend two years on probation following her release from the halfway house.

We’re not very big fans of her.

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