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Amber Portwood on Andrew Glennon: He Doesn’t Cheat or Beat Me!


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Talk about damning someone with faint praise.

If you’re a Teen Mom OG fan, then you’re no doubt aware that Amber Portwood has dated a lot of losers.

And it seems she’s really lowered her standards as a result of spending so much time with the liikes of Matt Baier.

These days, Amber is dating Andrew Glennon, a former producer on Marriage Boot Camp.

He’s got a real job (or at least he did, until he quit to move to Indiana for Amber), so at already he’s got a leg up on Baier and company.

Amber is pregnant with Andrew’s baby, and many fans are skeptical that she’s yet again rushed headlong into a bad situation.

But it seems Amber is of the opinion that she’s finally found Mr. Right.

And she’s attempting to put her fans’ minds ar ease by citing some of the truly unimpressive ways in which Andew is superior to her previous dudes.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Amber fought with Andrew about finding out the sex of their baby on a recent episode of TMOG.

Many fans compared her behavior in that scene with a blowout fight between her and Matt that was captured by Marriage Boot Camp cameras.

That prompted Amber to point out some important differences between the two relaitonships:

“No matter how crazy I get I still love my man,” Amber wrote on Twitter about Andrew. “I don’t scream at Andrew lol…we’re so happy together.”

“[Andrew] doesn’t hit me or cheat on me so yeah I treat him like a real man,” Amber wrote. “If you are a liar and cheater yeah bless your soul lol and get out of my way.

From there, Amber went on to make a slightly more compelling case for Andrew, claiming that for the first time, she feels she can rely on her partner:

“Thank god I have a good man to lean on now!” she continued.

“No more drama and no more screaming! I don’t like men who are liars and cheaters so if I’m a bitch for standing up for myself then so be it…I’m very happy with myself; however I found a man that is my rock…”

So we guess that’s a step in the right direction.

Of course, Amber was always quick to defend Matt throughout their relationship, too.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to remind yourself of just how bad Amber is at relationships.

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