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Blac Chyna Sex Tape: Twitter Reacts!


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On Monday, many people on Twitter saw Blac Chyna's name trending and, innocently, clicked the link out of curiosity. Perhaps there was news about her lawsuits with the Kardashians

Not so.

Many a tweeter was subjected to a leaked Blac Chyna sex tape.

The Instagram-based gossip page, The Shade Room, reports on who they believe is allegedly responsible for the video's release:

"Yikes! #CardiB bestie @star_brim5 pulled a #RobKardashian move on #BlacChyna and released her sex tape (kinda)😩 #DisTewMuch #IssaLawsuit (Somebody said #LisaBloom rubbing her hands together like birdman right now)"

Blac Chyna did not initially respond to the leaked video. Star Brim, however, clarified that she didn't leak it, and that it was already "all over the internet" and that she has no beef with Chyna.

The video of Blac Chyna performing oral sex has been roasted across social media, as many were shocked to see a woman with Chyna's reputation as a seductress appear to be so very inadequate at oral sex.

Obviously, it's terrible that Blac Chyna and her unidentified partner were violated in this way. Leaking nudes and sex tapes is a terrible thing to do, whether it's revenge porn or simply for "fun."

But people on Twitter, who are not responsible for that violation, couldn't help but react when they saw the video. And their responses are a real riot.

1. In case you did not see the leaked video

Blac chyna sex tape leak 02
This tweet pretty much summarizes it.

2. Naturally, a reference to Tyga came up

Blac chyna sex tape leak
To be fair, Kylie was in high school, not middle school when Tyga started dating her. To be even more fair, that’s still super gross.

3. In fact, both Tyga and Rob came up

Blac chyna sex tape leak 03
People had assumed that Blac Chyna’s femme fatale reputation was accompanied by mind-blowing bedroom skills. Now they are second-guessing that assumption.

4. Though the man recording the video seemed thrilled …

Blac chyna sex tape leak 04
… The people who saw the video were thoroughly unimpressed.

5. The disappointment was almost palpable

Blac chyna sex tape leak 05
Some people admire Chyna for “scamming” Rob Kardashian into impregnating her.

6. This one’s like a mini-essay

Blac chyna sex tape leak 06
To be clear, there are many ways to, um, have value. Even to have value in bed. Maybe Blac Chyna’s just bad at this one particular thing. Or maybe this just wasn’t a good day.

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