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Glee Cast: Where Are They Now?


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Few shows in television history have the history of Glee.

It premiered in 2009 to giant ratings and critical acclaim, combining music, comedy and important social messages like no series ever before.

By the end of its run in 2015, however, the program had practically become a parody of itself, limping to the finish line with a shortened season and zero critical acclaim.

The cast, meanwhile, was mostly full of previously unknown actors and actress, some of whom followed up their time at William McKinley High School with success on the big or small screen…

.. and some of which met a tragic end.

Scroll around below for an update on the lives and careers of various Glee cast members:

1. The Original Cast

The original cast
To the average television viewer in 2009, most of these were fresh, unknown faces back when Glee first hit the air. But almost every cast member would soon explode into a small screen sensation…

2. Lea Michele, Then…

Lea michele then
Probably the main star when Glee premiered, the former Broadway actress stole our hearts as Rachel Berry.

3. Lea Michele, Now…

Lea michele now
She remained on Fox as part of the Scream Queens cast and then appeared for the short run of ABC’s The Mayor, a solid sitcom that was canceled too soon.

4. Matthew Morrison, Then…

Matthew morrison then
He played the man in charge, the honorable and musical Mr. Schuester, who instilled valuable life lessons in all his charges.

5. Matthew Morrison, Now…

Matthew morrison now
Following a strong run as Alicia’s nemesis on The Good Wife, he joined Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Paul Stadler in 2017.

6. Jane Lynch, Then…

Jane lynch then
Probably the breakout star of Season 1, Lynch played the sarcastic and cruel cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester.

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