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Twitter Destroys New York Times Over Anti-Leggings Rant


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In recent years, a lot of people rallied to the New York Times, giving them a level of subscriptions not seen in recent years — largely to spite Donald Trump.

The problem, however, is that the New York Times has … issues, and that's not a newspaper joke. The sorts of content that they promote in their "Opinion" pieces can at times be absolutely horrifying.

Like "Why Yoga Pants Are Bad For Women," an opinion post that decries the wearing of leggings. Plenty of articles have tried to claim that leggings are "not pants" or shouldn't be worn out and about, but this goes a step further by claiming that they shouldn't even be worn while exercising.

Any sensible person knows that telling women how to dress — whether it's to not wear bikinis or to not wear a hijab — is kind of the opposite of women's liberation. The "right way" to dress is however you see fit.

This article, it seems, was not written by a sensible person.

Twitter took notice and got up in arms. 

Women who take yoga or simply have legs objected to the notion that they should let someone else instruct them on what to wear.

1. Here’s the tweet that earned so much ire

Nyt leggings response 01
Even without reading the article, you can see how the author tries to frame the argument as somehow pro-woman.

2. This woman’s ready to talk about wardrobes

Nyt leggings response 02
A lot of armor that women in movies wear is designed to be flattering instead of allow free range of movement. Leggings may be flattering or unflattering, but they don’t restrict you.

3. This tweet hits the nail on the head

Nyt leggings response 03
This kind of thing is bad enough when it comes from men. It’s worse when it comes from another woman.

4. Yoga pants are called yoga pants for a reason

Nyt leggings response 04
Lizard pose is … imagine holding yourself up like you’re doing a push-up. Now imagine bringing up one of your legs so that your knee is more or less at your shoulder and your foot is beside your hands.

5. This is a very accurate synopsis

Nyt leggings response 05
If you don’t like wearing a thing, don’t wear it. It’s so easy! Trying to project that choice onto others is wrong.

6. Athletes took issue with the article

Nyt leggings response 06
Sweatpants just aren’t cut out for the same job. Also, they’re warmer. They’re sweatpants.

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